Sell + Donate + Divert

Got stuff? Decommissioning a portion or all of a company’s or institutions’ FF+E* can include nearly everything you find in the office space – desks, chairs, workstations, lighting, fax machines, wait, we still have fax machines? Where do you begin? In today’s corporate world, the focus on sustainability and zero waste continues to grow, but the quick timelines to remove product remain unchanged. But don’t

*FF+E, noun

fur·ni·ture | \ ‘fər-ni-chər, fix·ture | \ ‘fiks-chər
equip·ment | \ i-’kwip-mənt

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment, such as machinery, computers, tables,
and any other asset that is not related to the building structure.

How We Work


Many inventories have value! Resale provides our clients with an economical and environmental ‘win’ for their redundant assets. Call us for a free appraisal.


Re-purposing assets in good condition into the local community and non-profit agencies offer benefits to everyone involved including tax benefits and warm fuzzies deep down inside you!


Obsolete assets that cannot be resold or donated are recycled. Signature Green works with local recyclers to provide new life for spent assets and materials.

Specialized Experts

Bring on a Decommission Expert.

Decommissioning office space involves creating a plan, a timeline, and having a professional and trusted team who knows how to get your company the most value out of your decommission, be it monetary (by efficiently selling or recycling your used products), or by time saved (need it gone yesterday? Call today!) or with warm fuzziest by donating more to your community and less to your local landfill.


Signature Green provides a complete decommission package providing maximum financial and social benefits with minimal environmental impact to companies, institutions, and the communities they inhabit.

Surplus assets are reviewed to decide what can be repurposed internally. The remaining assets are inspected and sorted for resale, donation, or end-of-life recycling. Signature Green can then create a proposal with specifics about resale, donating, and recycling those assets..

We provide the following services:

  •  Determines which assets a client will reuse vs which are to be removed (resold, recycled, or donated).
  • Assigns fair market and broker values to bulk inventory assets.
  • Attempts to sell the saleable assets to generate a possible monetary credit for the client.
  • Uses the latest technology to create 360 virtual tours for larger inventories giving the assets broader exposure for sales at a higher value.
  • Recycles the non-salable assets sustainably.
  • Coordinates disassembly and removal of ALL product from the site (labor and trucking included).
  • Schedules walk-throughs as needed with clients, broker/buyers, and donation recipients.
  • Provides a final client walk-through to ensure all assets have been removed as well as a report detailing the financial, social and environmental impact of your resale, donation and recycling efforts.
  • Upon project completion, we report the financial, social and environmental impact of your resale, donation and recycling efforts. Reports can be customized to track the metrics that are most important to your organization.

Does your corporation need information for LEED credits? We’ll help with that, too.


Your surplus furniture and equipment can make a difference in the operating costs of a non-profit near you. We make the effort to match furniture and equipment with local charities, schools, community organizations and international non-profits and aid agencies that are within 100 miles of your decommission. This not only helps in your communities and surroundings, but minimizes the environmental impact transporting furniture creates. Many charities can provide a tax receipt for your donated furniture..


We’ll disassemble any remaining furniture that isn’t sold or donated and recycle it in accordance with industry best-practice standards. (Signature Green wrote the Responsible Recycling Standards for FF&E Recyclers). We make sure all product is removed from the site and provide a final client walk-thru. At the end of your decommission we provide detailed reporting of assets sold, donated, or diverted customized into relevant data you can use. You’ll see the environmental, social and financial benefits of your decommission.